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Network Utility Knife


Resolve circuit problems and other remote-site problems faster


Use batch mode to run speed tests during off hours to find problems before you get complaints


Save on costly tech dispatches to remote sites]

Doesn’t a Network Utility Knife belong in your pocket?

There are too many ways the Network Utility Knife can help you to list here. With the addition of Batch Mode, tasks can now be launched during off hours, allowing automated testing and data capture.

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  • Batch mode (New!)
  • Http proxy server
  • TCP/UDP port forwarding
  • Bandwidth testing
  • Tftp server
  • Remote Desktop client
  • Telnet client
  • SSH client
  • SSH server
  • Packet Capturing with decoding
  • Packet Capturing with output to a file
  • TCP connection tracking
  • Continuously updating traceroute
  • Port scanning
  • Ping sweeps
  • Flood pings

For more information please call 1-855-424-4527 (1-855-4BIGJAR)