How did the Network Utility Knife (NUK) come to be?

Customers repeatedly asked us whether we could fix problems remotely. The answer was always the same: “Well, I’d need a box that could do X, Y, and Z”. After a bunch of these questions we decided to build that box and the result is the Network utility Knife (NUK). The NUK has been continuously under development and in use since 2005.

But the NUK wasn’t the beginning, it was based off of several appliances that came before it (listed below).

The NUK was built using internals from other previously developed products. These products are listed below:

Product Use
GuestAccess Route less secure traffic over a secure network
FailSafe Provide redundancy for hosting over multiple internet connections
Bblaster Forward broadcasts to users over a VPN. Includes wrapper application to automatically start and stop broadcast forwarding

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