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Groundbreaking new product

GuestAccess™ product provides a cost-effective way for schools and other organizations to grant partial access to guest users.

Bigjar Systems today announced a new networking device called GuestAccess. This groundbreaking new device is the first to offer Managed Guest Access (MGA) in an easily deployed, cost effective platform. “Managed Guest Access is a technology that we believe will become increasingly important,” said Jason Mitchell, Chief Technology Officer, Bigjar Systems. “As Internet access becomes essential, non-employees and other guests will try to use your internal network to gain access to the Internet. Password protection, encryption, and strong authentication can help to keep visitors away from sensitive information, but blocking them at the network level is even more effective.” GuestAccess works by forwarding traffic to a Partner Router, which is located on a DMZ segment or outside an organization’s firewall. This architecture allows the customer to leverage their existing security infrastructure and keeps the GuestAccess configuration simple. The Partner Router can be from any major router manufacturer or can be a PC or workstation running many Unix variants including Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD. “The key to GuestAccess is not just the technology, but it’s affordability and ease of deployment. GuestAccess uses standards based IP protocols so it can be added to any network without reconfiguring any of the devices in-between the GuestAccess and the partner router. Also with the list price of $1,095 per unit, it is far more affordable than a standard router or firewall.”


More information about GuestAccess is available by contacting the Bigjar Systems at (443) 430-9747 or at

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