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Need Help Managing Remote Sites?
With IT budgets shrinking or frozen, it's more important than ever to see what's travelling over your WAN. Network Utility Knife collects information and exports it via Netflow so you can easily see what types of traffic are travelling across your network.

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In addition to exporting Netflow Data, Network Utility Knife offers a wide array of tools to help you in troubleshooting and fixing devices at remote sites. Now all the tools you need are in one small durable device with no moving parts. Network Utility Knife currently includes the following tools:

  • Netflow data export
  • Http proxy server
  • Tcp port forwarding
  • Performance testing
  • Tftp server
  • Remote Desktop client
  • Telnet client
  • Packet Capturing with decoding
  • Packet Capturing with output to a file
  • Tcp connection tracking
  • Continuously updating traceroute
  • Port scanning
  • Ping sweeps

Also a new feature called UrlSpy allows you to see what URL's a particular client is accessing.

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Part No. Description List Price
NUK1000 Network Utility Knife $1,495
MNUK1000 1-year Maintenance $225



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